Posted by: albenson | June 23, 2009

1:30-2:30 Wednesday

Be praying that this would be the buyer. It will be only the third time the house has shown. God could do something miraculous and what seems crazy to us and meet our deadline (June 26). Thank you for joining us in praying.



  1. i just added it to my calendar here at the office. i will be praying the Lord will sell your house tomorrow!!!!

  2. Thank you Brienne!

  3. prayers will be going up at 1:30 tomorrow from the QB household!! Keep us posted!

  4. Thanks QB’s!

  5. On our calendar Bizzy Boy! God is all about some last minute rescue. May it be so for you guys.

  6. As the elders met last night we prayed earnestly for God to bring the buyer for your house. I’ll be praying today as well.

    If the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord–and it is!–then certanly the heart of the homebuyer is in His hand as well.

    Do not despair. God’s purposes will be established, and your church is behind you.

    With love,

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