Posted by: albenson | May 26, 2009


My husband would probably tell you that I am one big unfinished project, because I don’t always get around to finishing my projects. But, here is one I did finish, and I’m afraid I could get a little addicted.


Mother's Day Sharon


  1. Girl, I’m one big project too! So many ideas and plans to get them done….wondering and thinking they will never all get done!

    LOVE the finished project! Saw this one on a blog (maybe you read that one too) and added it to my “to do” list. Looks adorable!

  2. Thanks Laurin, I love projects! We probably did read this on the same blog. You should add it to your “very doable” list! haha. I did it in Photoshop Elements and it was pretty easy and quick.

  3. Love this idea. You’re so creative!!!!

  4. Thanks. I’d love to say its my idea, but I found it on a blog ( I can’t remember where ) and tried it out.

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