Posted by: albenson | March 2, 2009

Detour Adventure

Saturday we went to visit our favorite Sugar Bear. We spent the day and went to her game. When we left, it was snowing! Dark + snowing sideways = a blizzard!  OK, so it wasn’t a blizzard AT ALL, but you would have thought it was by the way people were driving. People in the south do not know how to deal with snow at all. We had our point man on the weather, giving us updates. We soon realized that it was not going to be fun driving with all the crazies, and things were freezing closer to home, so we stopped in Little Rock for the night. It was just what our little family needed.

Jumping and wrestling on the bed, giggles and lots of tickling, a little Man vs. Wild for the hubs. Breakfast in bed for me (love cinammon rolls!) and breakfast date for Daddy and daughter. We took our time and the drive home was fine. All was well and the Bensons had a little unexpected fun. Love the way the Lord blesses us even in the small things!

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