Posted by: albenson | January 10, 2009

Preacher Man…

If you have known me since junior high, then there is one thing that you would likely remember me saying: ” I am NEVER going to marry a preacher or a missionary!”

This I was adamant about.  Shortly after meeting Kirk, God began to work on me about that.  God graciously revealed trust issues deeply rooted in my own pride, and for that I am thankful.  I excitedly told Kirk one day “I am OK with marrying a preacher or missionary!!” Kirk did not quite understand my excitement and giving me a strange look said, “Umm, ok.”  You see, we had just begun dating and he was neither a preacher or missionary, nor did he have any intentions of being either, at the time.  He was a big teddy bear of a football player who had fell in love with Jesus, and was very excited about his new life.  Funny how the Lord works…

Tomorrow, my husband will, Lord willing, preach his first sermon.  Unlike the emotions I had as a junior high girl, I am most excited and very honored to be his wife.

I love you Honey.  May our Lord Jesus be near you tomorrow as you stand before His people.  May He grant you peace.  But most of all, may He get all the glory!



  1. My heart is full as I watch you grow into the wonderful wife, mother, and generous young woman you are. We look forward to watching God’s plan for you and your family with eagerness.

    We love you.

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